Model 250i Quick Features

  • The Dynojet Load Control System was developed through years of experience with over 3,900 dynamometer installations worldwide
  • The design is easy to operate and provides the function of steady state load control
  • Dynojet’s Load Control System uses the latest in eddy current power absorption technology, which combines with our easy to use software, so any technician can get repeatable, consistent results

About Model 250i Load Control System

The Dynojet Load Control System was developed through years of experience with over 5,600 dynamometer installations worldwide. The design is easy to operate and provides the function of steady-state load control.

Dynojet’s Load Control System uses the latest in eddy current power absorption technology, which combines with our easy-to-use software to give any technician repeatable, consistent results. The Load Control software provides a technician with the ability to control vehicle RPM or speed at any throttle opening. Through our exclusive closed-loop software design, the vehicle is automatically held at the pre-determined setting.

With the addition of the optional torque cell package, the dyno has the capability of a more complete range of tests, including step and sweep tests and wind drag simulation.


Model 250i Load Control System includes

  • Closed-loop control of Speed or RPM
  • Easy-to-use software, push putton operation
  • Test Vehicles at full or partial throttle
  • Absorption unit capable of 858 lb/ft torque
  • Compact design
  • Optional closed -loop Torque control module
  • Inertia Dynamometer Chassis with standard wheel base up to 84 inches
  • Measures up to 750 horsepower
  • Primary Wire Inductive tachometer pickup
  • Secondary Inductive Pickups (spark plug clamps connect directly to spark plug wires)
  • WinPEP7 Software
  • Bike Starter System (requires battery)
  • Wheel Lock


  • Power run with operator Rp. 250.000.
  • Tuning on dyno with operator Rp.400.000.- for first hour , Rp.350.000.- /each hour
  • Man hour for mechanic Rp.150.000.-/hour


What is a Dynojet Research authorized tuning center?

Power Commander Tuning Centers can optimize the fuel and ignition mapping for your motorcycle. We also can develop custom maps for special applications. All “Dynojet Approved Power Commander Tuning Centers” have the latest “state-of-the-art” Dynamometers and testing equipment.

This includes the new Dynojet Model 250i Load-Control Dynamometer and the Dynojet realtime Air/Fuel Ratio module. In addition, our shops have successfully completed the Power Commander technician training course at Dynojet Research.

Tunning & Mapping for EFI

Nowadays with more and more bike switched from carburettor system to Fuel injected system, the tuning world could not be more interesting and exciting. As the advantage of the FI (Fuel Injected) system is much more advanced than the carburettor, the requirement for tuning this highly sophisticated bikes is also increased.

The FI bike give much more Throttle Response, Acceleration, Fuel economy not to mention Low pollution as to conform with the EURO Standard for emission, this thing is hard to achieve with carburetted system. And yet to also achieve that performance gain from fuel injected bike, we need a device that can alter the fuel map so it can meet the requirements of the bike especially for performance use.


The principal of Dynojet tuning is simple, use a power commander on your FI Bike, then make a custom perfect map for that bike with the current setup on the dyno to achieve the most maximum performance with your setup. An FI Tuning must consider several factors to make a complete map. First is the Dynamometer machine itself, our 250i dynojet is equipped with state of the art retarder system or eddy current brake, which can manipulate load on your bike, and mimic the load your bike experience on the street. The retarder allow the dyno to map from low rpm to redline with various throttle opening, thing that is impossible to be done on the street or on a dyno without a retarder, other factor is the air temperatur humidity and pressure, which can make a difference in a fuel map made in one place compared to the other.

Example if you make a map on the mountains, your map will be slightly leaner that in the cities with lower altitude, our dyno room is made to simulate this condition with a perfect circulated volume of air that will map your bike exactly like its used on the street for daily use or performance use.  The last factor is of course the tuner itself, Sportisi has tuned hundreds of EFI bikes, ranging from 150cc to a 1600cc Harley Davidson bikes, and lots of sport performance bike in between , this has make us as pioneer and experience in this EFI Tuning industry especially for motorcycles.

You may hear various opinions about Dyno Tuning, the most popular is you dont need a Dyno to tune you FI Bike. well you are so wrong. How can you make a complete perfect map from 1500rpm to 16000 rpm, and from 0% throttle to 100% throttle without proper sensor and equipments ? Ask Dynojet or any other FI Tuners they will answer the same thing . You need to dyno tune your bike if you want to make the fuelling perfect , or the ignition mapping perfect, period.

Call us, we will be very happy to assist you if you need further information on EFI Tuning, especially with POWER COMMANDERS or DFC.